*Soul Intention Candles*

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Soul Intention Meditation Candles are created by Embers Candle of London Ontario. Product info below. Each Meditation Candle has a 75 hour burn life and are 100 % Soy Hand poured on order with natural aromatic ingredients!

Brand new in our line up. Soul Intention Candles. The “intention” varies with each candle . A detailed description is posted with each. Boxed individually and sent with an information and care sheet. As with all our candles, never hesitate to reach out if you love the look of one but would prefer a different scent or no scent at all. Calming and peaceful are the two words I use to describe them best. They are all ten ounces, with an estimated burn time of 75 hours. You can find them on our website, and please note they take 3-5 days for production and delivery in Canada. Delivery outside of Canada may take longer.

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